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Throwing Friendship Bracelets at the Brownie House

Ryan Patrick McHargue
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I majored in Anthropology as an undergrad, loved Archaeology, but became absolutely fascinated with contemporary history and the Middle East, and ended up getting an MA in History instead of continuing my Archaeology interests. I got the MA and continued for a year towards the PhD when I realized my interests were... waning, and I wasn't very happy in the department and school I was attending. In fact, I downright hated it. I was also flat broke, with $12k+ in credit card bills.

So I fled. I moved to South Korea for a bit over 2 years to teach English, and was able to save up a decent chunk of cash and pay off all of my credit cards (God, what a FANTASTIC feeling that was!).

So, for a fast list-form of my studies, to make it easier:
2000-2003 BA Anthropology
2003-2005 MA History
2005-2006 Continuing study for PhD in History
2007-May 2009 Teaching in Korea

Now, I have a new contract for teaching in Korea, and hope to do a 12-month contract plus a 6-month extension starting December 7th and ending early June of 2011. While in Korea, I'll be applying to Anthropology programs in Fall of 2010 for an MA and PhD.
mostly politics and policy.